Best Online FOREX Training Courses (For Free!)

Best Online FOREX Training Courses (For Free!).Starting to trade Forex is no simple matter. Learning the basics, interpreting the charts and currency movements, understanding the risks of each transaction and everything that goes with it is not just a matter of a couple of hours. It takes time, dedication, and if possible, a good course.

The courses are an excellent option to develop our personal and professional profile, and they take little time.

There are hundreds of courses to learn how to trade Forex on the internet, and there are for experts, beginners, those with average experience, or those who don’t even know what the currency market means. As if that wasn’t enough, many are free!

Forex, the currency market

Forex is one of the most popular markets for investors, where they buy, sell, and trade currency pairs from one country or another.

Banks, associations, investment funds and a large number of investors, plant themselves here from Monday to Friday to make a profit on their investments.

What makes Forex special? Why do even banks put their money on the line in this market?

Forex happens to be one of the safest markets for investment. Forex, most of the time, is an ideal market if you want to learn how to be part of it.

Pay attention to these free courses.

Free Online FOREX Trading Courses

Below, we’ll show you some of the three best online courses to start trading Forex. Plus, they are free!

Forex Military School (Forex Peace Army)

This Forex Peace Army course is one of the most comprehensive (and perhaps THE most comprehensive) Forex trading courses on the web today, including both free and paid courses.

The course is entirely free and was developed by one of the largest and most recognized Forex traders, Sive Morten. His resume includes working for over 18 years at the European Bank as a supervisor for the risk investment division.

It is a course of 40 perfectly distributed chapters, covering everything a Forex trader needs to know, from A to Z.

It is essential for the most novice and a great help for the most experienced.

Babypips School (Babypips)

Basic and fun, this course is even able to make a 10-year-old understand how the Forex market works. For beginners, this is the preferred alternative.

Babypips’ School of Pipsology is one of the best free online courses that exist in the entire internet. Besides, the “graduates” of Babypips have a community where they support each other, so asking for advice or help with a question or operation is a good option.

Babypips has been writing articles for over ten years for learning how to trade the Forex market, through jokes and jokes. Their friendly and humorous approach to teaching and understanding the market makes them the most comprehensible learning portal for traders.

Forex Beginner Trading Course (Tradeciety Trading Academy)

Tradeciety is one of the best websites with a free plan for those looking to receive online Forex trading courses. The reputation, tools and quality of the instructors are first class.

Ideal for those taking their first steps, Tradeciety offers a great deal of knowledge for your initiates. Learning the fundamentals of Forex trading, how your trades work, and how to interpret the indicators will be easy.

The academy is led by two large and very young entrepreneurs, professionals and investment geniuses with over 20 years of combined experience in the trading of securities and currencies.

They offer a free course as well as some paid courses with all the tools to make your experience easier.

Why should I take a Forex course?

Forex is a complicated (yet highly profitable) market, knowing the basics is not enough. There are hundreds of factors that can determine your success or failure, and as newbies, making mistakes early on can be daunting.

To avoid this, something as simple as taking a one-month course can provide us with the necessary tools to succeed in this crowded market.

Before you pay hundreds of dollars for a course, we recommend you to start with one of the free courses we have mentioned, so you can determine if you are 100% sure you want to start trading Forex.

Are you made for Forex?

Forex, like the stock market, has been the cradle of many new riches. However, don’t be fooled, Forex is NOT easy money.

Before you dedicate your time to learning everything a Forex trader needs to know you should be aware of the risks involved, the time you must invest, and above all, that you will not become wealthy in two, three, or five months.

The Forex market is not luck, it is the vision on the investors’ part, and if you want to succeed you better be persistent and intelligent in every move.

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